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How did the term Motivational Speaker derive? Years ago I thought it was important to attend every conference, seminar or workshop given by an organization that highlighted its motivational speaker roster.

I would be so pumped while attending the event believing everything these speakers said would follow me home and throughout my life.  Some of their information was true; however, the peppery feelings I had at these events would soon dwindle.

The truth of the matter is it was literally impossible take them home with me because they belonged to someone else.

Throughout my professional career, I discovered a truth that has changed my life. That is, the motivator is within. Sure these motivational speakers are short term antidotes. But for the long haul, I figured it was me who is responsible for the motivator reins in my hand.

Self-motivation must be smart. The rhythm must go something like this:

 1. Life is a gift. I don’t get an opportunity live this but once. I can only live it for myself. So I may as well get cracking at it with enthusiasm.

 2. Think and be motivated. Challenge the passage that says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” So think stimulating thoughts on purpose. Because we think in pictures, see the desired end result and feel the emotion attached to it. Right now I am thinking on next month’s business trip and am seeing phenomenon and prosperous results. Extract your personal power.

 3.  Stay away from those with your same problems. You will tend to talk about them to each other. Release others from offense and forgive. This is one less burden on your shoulders. Television and radio shows that harbor negativity are not in your best interest either. Read an inspiring book instead.

 4. Create a rousing life endeavor check-list. This is not about goals. (That’s another post on the woes of goal-setting). Sit quietly and review one endeavor at a time while brain-storming the possibilities. Use your visual capacity and see the end result you seek.

 5.  Give back. Create a cause, a foundation, a platform from which to support others on your time and dime. I don’t know of any true enthusiasm than giving back. Today my campaign to expose teenagers to the art of design and architecture is beyond exciting.  Stop the grouching and start giving! 

You were born with everything inside of you for life and godliness. The Creator of this vast universe saw to every detail of your life existence, including the virtue of self-inspiration. Take the responsibility to give him a return on his investment.

Share your time with like-minded individuals, and throw your own motivational speakers gig right in your own backyard.


Question: How do you stay motivated?  Leave a comment below. I’d love to read your thoughts.

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