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Dr. Deana GLOBAL is an educational and training consultancy. I work with all types of organizations to build better leaders, leverage talents, engage people and heighten performance. A former corporate executive myself who understands the demands of the 9 to 5, I desire to show high-powered restless women leaders how to re-ignite passions for their job so they can make decisions from an empowered place.


I believe there is an occupational calling and more to life than going to work every day and doing your job. There is work unique to you and a job you are called to do so you can create a life filled with meaning and passion.


I apply positive psychology, neuroscience, strength-based intelligence and spirituality to show people how to outsmart stress and flourish, inspiring them to make positive changes that become sustainable over time. I synthesize science into practical tools anyone can use, making learning fun, alive with hands-on activities and techniques people can apply in every day work and life. 


I focus on building a positive workplace culture that drives engagement and heightens performance, equipping individuals with the foundational abilities like self-awareness, self-care, people skills, character strengths, mindful habits and emotional resources that lead to a stressless, more resilient workplace so everyone can succeed and flourish.


Dr. Deana Murphy is a living testament to the success of her flourish at work concept. Her boundless energy and belief in herself and her process invigorates your mind, body and soul. I always feel more creative and believe anything is possible after communicating with Dr. Deana.

~Brian Sommar, Director of Development, MPS Communication Graphics, Inc.



You simply need to apply what science has shown works for optimal human performance and life satisfaction and then learn what works within the ecosystem of you.


Dr. Deana has been a serial entrepreneur since 2000. Today serving as a positive psychologist and career performance solutionist, she combines her knowledge and experiences in corporate leadership, consulting, coaching, education, design, ministry, neuroscience and positive psychology into her solution offerings. Go here to explore her services,  and solutions  and be sure to contact Dr. Deana for a complimentary assessment!