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After working as an Executive for Citicorp and a Team Leader for ASB (where I learned career performance and leadership skills); and as a Sr. Officer with Old Kent (where I learned how to exercise my faith and build my signature strengths at work—although at the time I didn’t know what a signature strength was); and as a designer and life coach (where I learned to live out my purpose in my work while getting a handle on career women’s concerns), I felt a higher-calling to fuse my knowledge to impact the lives of individuals in a deeper level.

I searched for a way to find meaning in my work where I could experience high performance without stress or burnout and still love what I do.

In my research I discovered positive psychology (science of human flourishing) and neuroscience (brain performance) and took the plunge to become certified with the vision of building a human performance optimization business bringing hard science to the forefront to not only show high-powered restless women leaders how to re-ignite their passion for their jobs and love what they do so they can make decisions from an empowered place, but also create brain-friendly organizational cultures where individuals can offer their best thinking and flourish at work and in life.

When I learned about positive psychology, I realized there was a specialized name for what I had been calling, ‘LifeDesign’; and with it was a whole science and bunch of very famous psychologist who were researching the things that actually mattered to me.

Today under the Dr. Deana Global banner, I’ve created the Flourish At Work  brand to help individuals rise higher, suffer less and enjoy their work and more life!

My evidence-based teachings presented opportunities with large scale events like Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, India and Government of South Africa Women’s Month in Johannesburg.

As a positive psychologist, PhD., wife, mother and grammie, I am interested in the intersection of home, school, work, play and God. ​ I travel as a motivational teacher on career and professional development topics specializing in high-performance and leveraging talent so individuals can flourish at work and life.

For my thoughts on Positivity and Career Women, I was quoted in The Huffington Post.

My research has also received attention from Panache Publishers and O Magazine; I was humbled at being listed with the top 50 minority businesses by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2015 and outstanding female leader by The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Using my character strengths of curiosity, bravery and love of learning, I enjoy traveling, have driven from Malaga, Spain to Gibraltar Town and up and around the big Rock of Gibraltar; was caught up in a wave and landed on my feet on the island of Tobago, West Indies (and I can’t swim), and am enjoying the challenge of reading a book each week, well sorta.

And by the way, my philosophy is positivity = profitability; education is the instrument to create today’s flourishing leaders; life is too short to be something you’re not (working hard on this) and I bet you knew that I believe the workplace is an occupational calling (meaning + fulfillment  = flourishing). 😆

 See my Curriculum Vitale.