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Maximize Your Strengths

Savvy professionals know that coaching helps you refine your strengths and iron out the wrinkles around your life and career endeavors to avoid being swallowed up in stress and burnout.

Elite athletes have been using coaches for decades. You deserve to tap into this resource so you can maximize your professional development and life skills.

Coaching interventions have also been shown to increase the effectiveness of leadership development and training initiatives by up to 87 percent.


My evidence-based coaching approach is designed to guide you in harnessing potential and performance at three different levels:


Career Transition Coaching if you are stressed and perplexed about your future and looking to regain your sense of purpose and self.

Career Performance Coaching if you desire to stretch and advance your career, increase performance and have more fun at work.

Executive Coaching if you want to be that exceptional leader, manager and influencer within your organization, entrepreneurial business or professional network.



We all need a coach to steer us to a life and career of excellence. Dr. Deana provides the tools to help you flourish. She is a woman of passion, direction and purpose who walks the walk and talks the talk.

– Dianne Cunningham, Founder of National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs


For individuals:

  • •   Clearer understanding of themselves and their professional performance
  • •   Improved communication skills and ability to engage others
  • •   Greater resilience and grit
  • •   Stronger relationships with managers and peers
  • •   Better decision-making skills
  • •   More self-confidence, authority and strength as a leader
  • •   Increased motivation and fulfillment
  • •   Clearer career vision, planning and action
  • •   More strategic perspective


For organizations:

      • •   More talent retention and morale
      • •   Stronger and effective leadership
      • •   More team cohesion
      • •   Increased capability building
      • •   Higher professional development of the talent pool
      • •   Greater performance management

Why Coaching Works



Research detailed by the Harvard Business Review outlines tangible outcomes of coaching. A recent study conducted among HR professionals responsible for spending over $15MM  in coaching, outcomes such as greater self-understanding, confidence and leadership capability were emphasized.


Positive Coaching

In the face of uncertainty caused by workforce reductions and other factors, restoring self-confidence and self-trust to face the challenges is critical to meet organizational demands.

I use valid and evidence-based instruments to measure and develop people’s strengths, emotional intelligence and leadership capability. These are geared to positively assess individuals so they feel confident and prepared to stretch and develop further.  When used with coaching, the results are amplified. Individuals reflect on their personal abilities and potential to develop and take action with a trusted partner.

Whether you pursue coaching individually or through your employer, you deserve to add this dynamic resource to your professional toolbox. Let’s design a plan and make it come alive for you.


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