Are you looking to design a successful modern functional working environment?  A place where employees feel secure and a workplace that helps them succeed and flourish in what they do on a day-to-day basis?

Many people aren’t aware that their headaches, neck pain and back pain may be caused by their poor sitting posture, workstation set up, limited flexibility, and poor light exposure and air quality.

And it isn’t good for their brains.

It is critical for leadership to recognize the spaces they provide can strengthen or weaken the professional experience for employees that will reflect either higher or lower employee engagement and retention.

If your C-suite leadership is looking to help your organization succeed and desire to make a culture of wellBEING a core focus as they pursue new business goals, I can help with this.



Ergonomics is the science that looks at how people interact with their work environment, and seeks to optimize health and wellBEING for the purpose of preventing injury and increasing performance.

I come to your workplace to conduct workstation audits to ensure the environmental viability for engagement, creativity and productivity, whether employee workstations are set up in an ergonomically correct manner to minimize injury risks, reduce fatigue,  discomfort to encourage a brain-friendly workforce.


Outcomes and ROI

→  Reduces risks of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders)

→  Increases concentration and productivity

→  Decreases employee absenteeism

→  Decreases employee turnover

→  Provides duty of care to employees

→  Lowers worker’s compensation costs

Take the steps to create environments that cultivate wellBEING and better position your organization for success moving forward.

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