Reports suggest that high workloads, increased monitoring and accountability, challenging pupil behavior or emotional difficulties, ongoing policy changes and toxic school cultures are among the many factors that contribute to poor teacher wellBEING.

My speaking, training and consulting for educators and school administrators focuses on the importance of outsmarting stress and raising resilience through improving the school’s culture, climate and academic outcomes and understanding the need and learning styles in the diversity of students.

My years of experience has taught me that character is important in the work we do and character strengths lead to a successful life. There is a science in character strengths that produces these outcomes.

This program is offered as:

•   One time professional development for educators

•   A monthly or quarterly consulting project with accountability

•   Individual or intensive coaching sessions


Sometimes you need a word. In one short sentence Dr. Deana spoke into my life with a word that I’ll never forget. And she didn’t know she was speaking so powerfully. Leaving the complaining, whining and resisting behind, the trajectory of my life has forever changed.

Dr. Michelle Johnson, College Professor, Founder of Alabaster Woman


Work with me so you can reach your highest performance and deliver on visions of continued future success.

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