Let’s Talk.  The role of womanhood carries the right to be cherished, prized and treasured only because the Creator stamped us with his seal of importance. Important enough that our touch, wisdom, experiences and feminine heart is needed by people and circumstances. This says to me Creation didn’t end on the 7th day.

As co-creators today our purpose is to keep our power zones opened so we can uncover the untapped design within. There restlessness turns into a strategy while maintaining spiritual and emotional centers.

When you set aside a time to be still you experience personal transformation.

It is not prayer, contemplating or strategizing.

It is being present. Being still.

You will stay connected to your TrueLifeDesign. You will learn things about yourself you never knew. You will stop reacting to every pull and demand on your time and person.

In the design industry we maintain the “less is more” philosophy. LifeDesign in the same way maintains a similar philosophy – you don’t have to be doing something all of the time.

Do something by doing nothing. Get more done by doing less.

How to Get More Done by Doing Less


Before 2013 came to an end I felt a tug, a knowing that I needed to “pull back” from my busy schedule to be still.  Quiet time is always set aside for morning devotions, however I felt a sort of urgency to simply take a block of time and do nothing.

Within the last month I have read three books and to my amazement, the common thread in each of them is being still! I view this as a confirmation (I love it when I’m nudged  to move in a certain direction and a blanket of confirmations follow).

I will share with you my way of being P.R.E.S.E.N.T. to embrace the art of stillness.

Position. I get comfortable in a spot where I won’t be interrupted. Sometimes I do this before prayer, meditating and reading my Bible. It’s like setting the emotional and behavior tone of my inner design for the day.

Release. Totally release all the thoughts that run through the mind. It takes a moment or two to practice this.  I release the clutter and chatter. When I intentionally do this I make space for more possibilities.

Exhale. By exhaling then inhaling slowly, I am aware of the rhythm of my breathing. This centers my awareness. I am taking in and pushing out my breath and clearing my mind.

Sense.  I sense my mind emptied and can feel myself being in complete control. I am tapping into my inner genius.

Envision. This step is the most powerful technique I have used during stillness. I am far from negativity and fear. Envisioning my desired life is stored in my brain for the appropriate time to implement.

Notice. I notice that all the big concerns are no longer big. I focus on one sound. Stillness does not mean silent. I notice I am now present, not thinking about the past or dreaming in the future.

Thanksgiving. I am always so grateful after I’ve spent 15 to 20 minutes being still. My mind has sufficiently recharged.

Don’t resort to not having the time for stillness. From these times I’ve accomplished more on a recharged brain than on piles of clutter and busyness.

Stillness costs you nothing. Before switching on the computer, cell phone, TV or radio, become still and know. It is the perfect personal growth tool for anyone.


Question: How often do you use stillness as a life and business growth tool ?

Share what has been your experience while being still.

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