Designing My Personal Awesome Future


My Spiritual and Practical Blueprint for Exceptional Living – (In Its Second Printing)


A Trove of Sound and Solid About Moving From Pain to Passion. This book is Scripturally Founded.

 Uniquely written in a first person dialogue, the Designing My Personal Awesome Future Book/Diary will immeasurably impact the thoughts and actions of today’s career woman while increasing her capacity to discover who she is as a Daughter of the King. This ingenious approach to gaining life clarity on a daily basis covers:

  • The pain or problem faced by many women
  • The promise that corresponds from Scripture
  • The process of viewing the pain through the promise
  • Her plan of action
  • Her progress of experiences and evolution
  • Her ponderings on her journey from pain to passion


Its aim is to guide the design of her 360Life in setting benchmarks so she can undeniably Own Her Life, Own Her Success, Own Her Future.

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