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What makes one woman give in to failure and another rise up and succeed against the odds?

No matter where you are today, you have untapped potential that will take you everywhere you want to go. From the experiences of 12 women, this compilation speaks to talented women leaders and entrepreneurs with the purpose of helping to turn their restlessness into a strategy and showing them how to maintain their spiritual and emotional center during hardship.

This collaboration is purposed to give voice to suffered anxieties so other women leaders may learn from their well-thought-out actions, rise above negative perspectives, thrive under pressure and maximize career and personal performances. This book is full of powerful tips, strategies and concludes with a proactive resilience exercise and a link to a survey for measuring your personal character strengths. Regardless of your social status, financial position or relational connections, your true ally is “Resilience.”

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After reading Resilience, you will know how to:

Recognize and remove the enemies of resilience—the unhelpful thoughts, actions and reactions, or the outside obstacles that automatically show up to influence you.

• Override destructive behavior by turning reactions into resilience—learning to live with intention by letting go of what you cannot control and living in harmony with what you can.

• Build resilience through the power of living life by design so you can realize a sense of purpose and reach higher levels of identity and self-actualization, letting go of victim-consciousness and accepting personal responsibility.

Pursue resilience by developing the attributes of self-awareness, patience, perseverance, inner power and becoming action-oriented to successfully advance after adversity.



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