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Welcome to my speaking page

I realize the challenges in locating the right speaker for your organization. One of my personal standards is the audience must leave better off than before they came. That’s why I aim to go beyond merely motivational speaking. Because, let’s face it, motivation can wane when under pressure. So for this reason I am more about behavior change and positive transformation. My responsibility is to leverage my knowledge, skills and experiences to satisfy the requirements of my sponsors.


Some of my popular topics include:

Fire Workplace Negativity: As today’s economic news can create upheaval and uncertainty in the workplace, it is never more important to know how to develop a positive worldview. Through the lens of love and laughter, I will teach you how to channel positivity skills to interact effectively with people throughout your organization.

Resilience on a Dime: Most certainly female leaders can be highly flexible and protect their reputations, navigate crises and improve performance and execution. In transparency and with vulnerability, I walk you through the process of raising resilience where you can clarify your problems and find better and more permanent solutions for them.

Leaping Forward: Breaking Behavior Patterns Holding You Back: Sometimes you can be your worst enemy. You may not be aware that rebelling against authority, discussing office gossip or overreacting in a stressful situation is destructive behavior. Presented with passion and charm you will successfully change or modify career-sabotaging habits and gain recognition for contributing to a more positive happier workplace.

The Brain Train: Combining humor and science, in this presentation I examine the way in which our primitive or “emotional” brain is responsible for the majority of workplace decisions, relationships and ultimately behavior. Learn how to convert those who are “indifferent” to you, your services, products and leadership into your best allies.


Tell me what you need. I can customize my presentations to fit:

• In-house training
• Keynote speech for your company or sponsored event
• Half day and full day workshop and/or seminar
• Lunch and Learn
• Executive and personal retreat
• Faith Based Organizations

Distant learning webinars

If you want to check my availability for your event or have questions before proceeding further, click here:
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What others say:



“I drove from New York to Dr. Deana’s conference in Pennsylvania. She is the real deal! Dr. Deana will teach you how to uplevel your personal and professional development in an unprecedented way. She connects very well with her audience and is able to get to the root of their problem to help them attain their highest potential. If you have opportunity to attend one of her conferences, I highly recommend it as you won’t be the same.”

-Dr. Diane Thompson, M.D., Medical Director, Columbia University Medical Ctr


“Dr. Deana is a 5 star speaker! She had the audience mesmerized as she shared powerful principles and heartwarming stories. I recommend her with two thumbs up!”

– Dr. Paula Fellingham, International Acclaimed Expert and Speaker, CEO The Woman Information Network

“Dr. Deana’s presence in South Africa in August 2016 left many women not only blessed with the wisdom she shared, but an indelible mark on them to take charge of their lives and careers. She stands out with an ability to appeal to both the mind and spirit while her uniqueness in her ability to offer practical steps and solutions for very complex personal and business challenges. I speak on behalf of thousands of women that she touched while she was here. It was a blessing to have you Dr. D and we treasure those moments with you.”

Gloria Mbokota, Director, Mindlib Leadership Solutions, Johannesburg, S. Africa


“Thank you so much for being here and sharing your words of wisdom with us and we want to have you back again!

– Marilyn Kleinberg, eWomen Network




“Dr. Deana Murphy exudes authenticity and integrity and impeccable professionalism. She communicates with unique style that instantly connects with an individual’s mind, soul, and spirit. Simply awesome!

– Ar-Lena Richardson, Owner, Ar-Lena Richardson Agency, Publicist to Sports Personalities, High Profile Executives and Politicians