Research shows that college seniors are especially prone to the stressors of making the transition from education to employment to adulthood. My own research has found that students are also concerned about balancing time and staying motivated after college.

In conferences and workshops, my coaching approach focuses on helping students see their own reality from different vantage points by providing thoughtful, purposeful questions so they can trust their own internal voices.

I help students to imagine and visualize their current situations and the create space for them to verbalize personal decisions and commitments rather than telling them what to do.


Benefits and Outcomes

•   establish critical thinking and self-authorship

•   become experts of their own thoughts and decisions

•   trust their internal voices

•   build internal foundations

•   visualize success

•   recognize obstacles and consider options

•   take action towards their desired future



Dr. Deana did an excellent job! Enthusiastic and creative! Students enjoyed the workshops, came away with new found knowledge and especially enjoyed Dr. Deana’s instructional style.

– Rhonda Geyer, Temple University


Bring me to your next college student event. I can create a coaching program or workshop specific to the needs of your students.


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