I work with you to create a brain friendly workplace where people can become co-creators of how they want to handle their work-flow so their brains can offer their best thinking and outcomes.

Trainings and workshops are solution-focused and presented in a way so the stakeholder’s input is voiced and every voice in the room is heard and respected. Each session draws on science and is delivered in an interactive and fun way so people can discover what fills them with hope and possibility.

Sessions can be tailored for different levels of your organization and built into longer programs or learning initiatives.


Benefits and ROI:

  • •  tunes into your positive core
  • •  connects with strengths and talents
  • •  ignites positive emotions
  • •  expands thinking and actions
  • •  positive relationships at work
  • •  performance at your best


Here are some examples of trainings and workshops I provide:


Leadership, Emo- Intelligence

As a result of participating in this workshop or training, participants will have been made aware of many positive examples of all kinds of diversity and developed a strategy of inclusion. They unpack diversity in all its guises aiming to shine the light on the value that diversity and inclusion bring into all aspects of our lives and come up with ways to nurture it and benefit from it.


Engagement, Teams, Talent

The aim of this workshop or training is for participants to share their high-performance experiences and articulate what being fully engaged-being in the flow-is for them. It is valuable to know what activities, skills, applications of knowledge or relationships bring on high-performance. Participants co-create directions forward to design ways they can further strengthen the existing team.


Leadership, Strength-Intelligence, Engagement

There is a gap between ways employees are being managed and the way they want to be managed. In this cutting-edge workshop or training, leaders will understand how the brain works to enable us to harness the brain’s potential, be more mindful, effective leaders and improve theirs and others’ thinking.

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Teams

In this workshop or training participants are clear about how organizational values are lived out day in and day out. Values are important determinants of human emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Participants discover and learn those important values so they don’t likely to make decisions based on unconscious beliefs.




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